Korea International Cooperation Agency

KOICA Mission&Vision


Contributing to the common prosperity and the promotion of world peace through inclusive, mutual development cooperation leaving no one behind


An eminent global development cooperation organization to realize global values and create mutual prosperity

About KOICA Sri Lanka office

Since its opening in 1995, KOICA Sri Lanka Office has been serving as platform and pivotal partner for development cooperation. The office implements various cooperation programs including Partnership with international development cooperation agencies, World friends Volunteers Programs, Capacity Building programs, Multilateral Cooperation, Public-Private Partnership, Emergency response in priority cooperation areas of Education, Transport, Water management & Sanitation and Rural Development.

Our office would like to continue our efforts to meet demands of Sri Lanka by sharing Korea’s development experience and new technology. Through close dialogue with the government and the people of Sri Lanka, we pursue our ODA main aim, 5P(people, peace, prosperity, planet, partnership) and expedite partnership among us for the contribution to the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka.


1995.05.31Opened KOICA Sri Lanka Office  
2001.04.01Officially promoted to an office (opened in the embassy)  
2005.04.01Relocated KOICA Sri Lanka Office independently  
2009.12.09Made a Framework Agreement on Grant Aid

Fellowship programme

Goals of KOICA Fellowship Programme (CIAT)

To contribute to the socio-economic development in developing countries by sharing Korea’s development experiences and know-how accumulated in the process of its remarkable economic development and supporting their capacity development efforts.

– Capacity Development for Human Resources

To strengthen HR capacity in developing countries to lay the foundation for sustainable socio-economic development.

-Capacity Development for Systems and Institutions

To enhance social infrastructure of developing countries to help them address their own development challenges.

– Partnership and Friendship

To strengthen interpersonal and institutional networks as well as to promote friendly relationship between Korea and partner countries developing countries to lay the foundation for sustainable socio-economic development.