Message from the Director for Sri Lanka

“Association of KOICA Fellows In Sri Lanka (AKOFE) was formed in 1999, by a group of senior public servants who had participated important training courses offered by KOICA. As a country director of KOICA, I was highly impressed with passion of knowledge sharing for the “Korean Development Model” and “Human Resources Development Activity Plans” of Korea and though establishing an Association to continue effective working relationships with Korea.

Thank you for KOICA-AKOFE sustainable cooperation.

Director of KOICA, Kim Myung Jin

Message from the Deputy Director for Sri Lanka

To undertake development programs aimed at needy communities and groups to enhance their
social and economic conditions, Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE) was trying last 20 years. I deeply express my appreciation for Presidents and the Executive Committee members of AKOFE. Thank you for KOICA-AKOFE sustainable cooperation.

Deputy Director of KOICA, Lee Gun Woo

Message from President of AKOFE

It gives me great pleasure to send this message to be published in the  web page as the President of AKOFE.

The membership of Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka(AKOFE)  consists of  senior public servants and ex- officials who have undergone training in their respective fields, in South Korea through scholarships granted by the Korean Government. This was formed   24 years ago with the main objectives of effectively utilizing the knowledge and skills gained in Korea for nation building efforts of Sri Lanka., promoting friendly relations between the two countries and serving  the less privileged. The membership now stands over 1000. These objectives of AKOFE relates to  three stake holders i.e KOICA which is the donor agency, general membership of AKOFE and the Korean aid recipients .

 AKOFE receives financial grants for these activities from the Korea International Corporate Agency (KOICA) which was formed in 1991 as a Government Agency of Korea with the prime objective of maximizing the effectiveness of Korea’s aid grant program for developing countries.

In line with the objectives some of the activities expected to be carried out  in the  current year are developing  a website of AKOFE, KOICA-AKOFE friendship night and  knowledge dissemination seminars  for members and the development projects in the areas of education, health and child-welfare, depending on the availability of resources.

As the current president of AKOFE, I express my deep appreciation for all past Presidents and the Executive Committee members of AKOFE for  their invaluable service and sacrifices made towards great achievements during the last two decades. Also special mention has to be made on KOICA for making funds available for the AKOFE activities. Finally, I take this opportunity to thank H.E Santhush Woonjin Jeong ,the mbassador of the Republic of Korea to Sri Lanka, Ms Myungjin Kim, Country Director, and Mr Lee Gunwoo, Deputy Country Director of KOICA for the invaluable support and cooperation extended to AKOFE. Finally I extend my sincere thanks to the fellow Executive Members of AKOFE for the cooperation always extended and the general membership for placing confidence in the Ex-co.

Roshan Serasinghe

President of AKOFE