Donation Activities completed during 2022

During the year the AKOFE Executive committee has completed equipment and student personnel requirement donations to seven schools so far. The schools were in very remote areas in Sri Lanka covering Ampara, Badulla and Colombo districts. The requirements were identified by the school principals together with the relevant project managers of the Executive committee and been approved by both AKOFE and KOICA.

KOICA-AKOFE Donation Ceremony in Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital

Donation to the Bandagiriya Rural Care Hospital on 09-Jun-2022

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) together with the Alumni Association of KOICA Fellows (AKOFE) held a donation ceremony to provide essential medical equipment to Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital in Hambantota on 9 June 2022.

Doctor in-charge of Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital, Dr. Mrs. Dinumi Wimalapola, Mr. Roshan Serasinghe, President, Mr. Dharmananda Wijesinghe, Secretary, Mr. Kavindra Jayawardana, Senior Vice President, Mrs. Deemathi Periyapperuma, Vice President, Mr. Senaka Kumarasinghe, Immediate Past President, Mr. Samantha PushpaKumara, Editor, Mrs. Shanthi Vithanage, Auditor and other AKOFE officials are in the picture. AKOFE is an association established in 1999 consisting of alumni who have completed KOICA fellowship programmes in Korea to build up their capacity in respective areas.

The donation equipment consisted of the Ophthalmoscopy, otoscope, Pulse oximeter, etc. This donation aimed to improve the medical environment for the vulnerable communities.

KOICA Country Director Ms. Kim Myung jin specially mentioned: “I hope that this donation would be helpful to overcome many difficulties the hospital is facing now”.

And it is much more meaningful that Korean government offices like Kotra and EPS center (Employment Permit System center of HRD Korea) and KBA (Korean Business Association) also participated. This event reassures the good partnership between Korea and Sri Lanka.

Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital Doctor Mrs. Dinumi Wimalapola highly appreciated the donation by extending her deepest gratitude to the KOICA Sri Lanka office and AKOFE as it is very supportive in this unprecedented time.

Donation of School Equipment and Office Requirements

On 9th of June 2022, school equipment including library books, musical items and general requirements were donated to Bandagiriya National School, Hambantota valued at about Rs. 503,916.30.

On 20th of August 2022, school equipment including musical equipment and general requirements (cupbords, photocopy machine) were donated to Pagngnagula Maha Vidyalaya, Puwakpitiya Homagama valued at Rs. 319,950.00.

On 20th of August 2022, school equipment including general requirements (cupboard, computer, printer) were donated to Puwakpitiya Roman Catholic Vidyalaya, Homagama valued at Rs. 333,975.00

Pagngnagula Maha Vidyalaya, Puwakpitiya Homagama

On 26th of August 2022, school equipment including general requirements (photocopy machine, sports items, speaker systems and library books) and student requirements were donated to Kandegama Maha Vidyalaya, Rideemaliyadda, Mahiyanganaya valued at Rs. 523,405.00

On 25th of August 2022, student requirements (books, stationery and bags) were donated to Asman Vidyalaya, Samanthurai, Ampara and Malkampitti GMMS, Samanthurai, Ampara valued at Rs. 426,950.00

On 25th of August 2022, school equipment (photocopy machine) was donated to Al Muneer Vidyalaya, Samathurai, Ampara valued at Rs. 162,000.00