Announcement of Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2016 On 10th June 2016 - 4.00 p.m. At Nawaloka Hospital Auditorium!


The KOICA Alumni Association in Sri Lanka which is named as the Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE) was formed on 21st July 1999 under the patronage of KOICA, and the Alumni mainly comprises of present and past senior officials in the State Sector who are the recipients of KOICA training opportunities. The main objectives of AKOFE among others are to provide a forum to promote a spirit of fellowship among its members and to foster cultural ties between the two countries . 

The association during the past has contributed immensely in promoting its own image and has played a pivotal role in working towards achieving its objectives, needless to say with the generous assistance and support of KOICA.


The Korea International Corporation Agency (KOICA) was founded as a government agency on April 1, 1991, to implement the grant aid and technical cooperation programs in the context of Korea's Official Development Assistance (ODA) for partner developing countries. Under such assistance program, KOICA has endeavored to share Korea's development experiences in the fields such as public health, education, agriculture and rural development, ICT and governance, and industry and energy with the countries.  

With recognition of significance of socio-economic development of Sri Lanka as one of Korea's close partner developing countries, KOICA commenced assistance programs to Sri Lanka since it's foundation in 1991.




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